CCESSA National Youth Leader Comrade Brooks

I want to join the entire youth in CCESSA, BWI and the world at large to say ‘HAPPY INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY’ to us all.

This year BWI youth focus their attention in building the Future with a theme ‘Youth in Union; take part in building the Future.

This is a very important message for us even in this time we are in our Country Nigeria, for us to have a brighter and better tomorrow,  we, especially the youth with the largest population in any nation have to step down from the fence and fully partake in determining the leaders of our nation.

UNIONISM according to Oxford dictionary is the policies and practices of trade unions, particularly those concerned with protecting and furthering the rights of workers. Today the youth is the largest workforce in any nation, but have neglected the job of unionist to the elderly, very few stand up to speak out.

The time of sitting on the fence is over, this is the time to wake up from our slumber, this is the time to join hands together to determine the leadership of our unions and nation at large. Today is the tomorrow we heard of yesterday when we were told that ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, let us in our house units, unions and affiliates take part in union activities. Let us take the front sit, learn from the elders and let our voices be heard.

As Nigerian youth I want to challenge us to get our PVC ready, get involve with the politics, get ready to vote for the ‘right candidate’ of your choice that you believe will bring this country out of the mess we are in, out of the economy struggling we are experiencing today, out of the infrastructural and educational decay upon us, out of a more consuming nation to a more producing nation, out of the insecurity and fear we are facing daily; we need a better country,  we believe we can get it right if we are all involved.

I want to also use this opportunity to BEG the Federal Government of Nigeria to put an end to the Strike of ASUU, yes they have the power to,

our children especially the youth has been kept redundant at home cause of long strike. Please Minster of Education and the negotiating team listen to the plead of the lecturers and come to terms with their demands so our children can return back to school.

At this juncture, I want to seize the opportunity again to say to our Youths in CCESSA, BWI and the World at large GET UP, STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT!


Viva CCESSA Viva

VAMOS! Organise beyond borders
Long live CCESSA Youth
Long Live CCESSA
Long live BWI
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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