Construction Industry Challenges And Marketing Opportunities In 2022

In addition to the already existing ones, each year comes with a raft of challenges for different industries around the world. The construction industry is no exception. Even with its visible growth, there are still setbacks and problems that try to slow or stunt this development. Here are some of the challenges.

1. The Covid-19 Pandemic

Contractors, developers, workers, and owners have all experienced varying degrees of impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new normal affects almost every aspect of the process, from the construction activities to the slow movement of supplies. Some projects have even had to be terminated.

The global construction output has been projected to fall by 3.1%. This will be a sharp contrast compared to the 3.1% increase that was recorded in 2019. The industry has struggled to complete underlying projects while at the same time trying to protect its staff. However, the firms are making an effort to correct this by implementing new strategies. For example, most of them have tried downsizing in several areas, while others try to work within the changed timeframes. This agility remains vital if the industry is to pull through these trying times.

2. Slow Technology Adoption

Numerous surveys and studies have proven that the construction industry is really slow in incorporating new technologies, 2022 being no different. Stakeholders and business honors are guilty of underinvesting in technology. They decide to stick with those passed by time, such as telematics and mobile phones. Ironically, technologies such as drones, VR, robots, 3D printing, and IoT can help solve other industry challenges

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